HESWALL HALL COMMUNITY TRUST (Registered Charity no 1140612)

(July 2012)
These Terms and Conditions are laid down by Heswall Hall Community Trust (HHCT)
and apply to all hirers of Heswall Hall.
1 Booking Conditions
The minimum booking period is 3 hours within the core session times of morning
09:00 to 13:00, afternoon 13:30 to 17:30, and evening 18:30 to 23:00. Any
variations to these times will require the agreement of HHCT through the Hall
Manager. Separate arrangements apply to Weddings, Parties and other major
events which must be discussed and agreed with the Hall Manager.
The Hall must be booked for a minimum of 3 hours unless agreed otherwise by the Hall
The booking period will be deemed as the total time to operate the hires
session, to include all set up and clearing away, with the exception of tables
and chairs.
All applications for bookings must be made on the official booking form. A
booking is only considered confirmed when the hirer has received written
Provisional bookings, usually for one off events, will be held for 14 days only,
from the date of making the provisional booking, after which time the booking
will be considered lapsed.
To secure the provisional booking Non Regular Users (but not Regular Users) will
be required to pay 50% of the full hire fee at the time of booking and a
damage deposit of £100 is also required which will be refunded if no damage
occurs during the event and no additional cleaning is required.
Regular Users and community groups who meet weekly or monthly on fixed days and times
will only be required to fill in one annual booking form for events up to 2 calendar years in advance.
Normally no deposit will be required unless the Hall Manager considers it necessary.
Regular Users (such as Theatre Groups or the Flower Club or WDBC) who arrange occasional or annual events in the
Hall will be able to book up to 24 months in advance as will any commercial organisation requiring use of the
stage for productions or other entertainments aimed at attracting an audience.
For the avoidance of doubt the 24 months will be deemed to commence on the actual date of applying to make the advance booking
eg 9th July 2012 and the 24 months period would therefore last to 9thJuly 2014.

Applications for booking of facilities
for commercial events such as Attic sales or Craft fairs from 12 noon on Friday to midnight on Sunday will only be taken up to 12weeks in advance.
Special events, private functions and community arts events can be booked at
anytime but cannot force the cancellation or change of a booked area
without the existing hirer’s agreement.
The Manager is authorised, on behalf of the Trust, to determine whether a hirer’s
function or event is suitable for the Hall.
All bookings are only accepted on a provisional basis until they are confirmed in
writing within 14 days by the Hall Manager.
The Hall Manger will allocate bookings on the basis of ensuring the efficient and
effective use of space in Heswall Hall.
The full hire charge/balance for one off events must be paid at least 30 days
before the date of hire by cheque or Bank transfer
The booking period includes any set up time required by the hirer to hold their
event or activity when the appropriate charge will apply.
All Hirers must be over 21 at the time of booking.
All Hirers will be required to sign receipt of the Terms and Conditions of Hire at
the time of booking.
Theatre groups must inform the Hall Manager at least three months in advance
by letteror e-mail if the event is to be in the round or standard format.
The Hirers must not sub-let or transfer bookings and the premises must not be
used for any other purposes than those indicated at the time of booking.
HHCT reserves the right to refuse any booking without being required to give
any explanation for such refusal.
HHCT reserves the right to cancel any booking in circumstances outside the
control of the Trust and which amount to ‘force majeure’ without payment of
compensation. Any charges already paid in respect of such a cancelled
booking will then be refunded.

Any cancellations by a Hirer must be received by HHCT in writing or by e-mail at
least 14 days before the date booked and will be subject to the retention fee
61-90 days 20% of the total hire
31-60 days 35% "
15-30 days 50% "
14 days or less 100%
2 Bar, Catering and use of Kitchen
The Licensed Bar is available for use by Hirers
and a proportion of the profits are returned to Hall Funds. Hirers wishing to have the Bar available must
ensure that they request this at the time of booking and have confirmation in
writing from the Hall Manager. All alcohol consumed on the premises must be
purchased through HHCT unless a corkage charge is paid.
No outside catering is to be provided by the hirer without the prior approval
of the Hall Manager. The hirer is responsible for ensuring all legislation and
regulations are adhered to in to the preparation and serving of food. All food
and waste must be removed from the Hall at the end of the booking period
by the hirer.
3 Responsibilities of the Hirer.
The Hirer shall ensure that the area hired be left clean and tidy. For the
avoidance of doubt the Hall must be left in ‘good order,’ which term shall
mean that the fabric of the premises and the arrangement and condition of
the furniture, fittings and equipment shall be as they were found prior to the
period of hire
Doors and windows should be secured any washing up carried
out and all equipment properly turned off.
If the Hirer is unwilling or unable to carry out any of these activities then assistance can be provided but an
additional charge will be applied. The extent of assistance needed and
associated cost should be clarified at the time of booking.
If the Hirer wishes to bring any equipment into the Hall then this shall be
agreed with the Hall Manager prior to the event and must normally be
removed at the end of the booking period unless agreed by the Hall
Manager when it can remain for a longer period.
Any portable appliances brought on to the premises need
to have a valid Potable Appliance Test.
The HHCT will not be responsible for the safekeeping of any equipment left on the
premises. Equipment left longer than the agreed time may be disposed of by
HHCT without recompense.
Other than for unloading or loading, the Hirer must ensure that access to
the Hall for Emergency vehicles is not blocked or obstructed and, in particular,
cars or other vehicles are parked in the adjoining Public Car Park and not in

 the access road immediately adjacent to the Hall, the turning circle, grassed
area or double yellow lines.
Hirers who are responsible for the opening and closing of the Hall must ensure
that all Health and Safety and Fire Safety requirements
are adhered to and the necessary stewards required by the Hall Manager are available
throughout the hire period. The Hall Manager will provide a full checklist of
their responsibilities to hirers prior to an event. All other hirers must ensure they
adhere to all instructions given by any member of Heswall Hall duty staff
The Hirer shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all persons attending
In the case of Public Events or large Functions such as Weddings the Hirer
shall appoint Adult Stewards who must be readily identifiable. Their names,
telephone numbers and addresses must be notified to the Hall Manager in
advance. Each Steward shall be made aware of the following a) the action
to be taken on discovering fire b) the position of the exits, which must be
kept unblocked and free from obstruction c) raising the alarm and correct
method of calling the Fire Brigade d) evacuation of the public in the event of
an emergency . A full checklist will be made available to Hirers in advance
No substances, adverts, nails, pins, sticky tape or similar are to be used on the
walls, floors, fixtures and fittings or ceilings without the specific approval of the
Hall Manager
All persons taking part in sporting activities within the building must use non
-marking sports shoes
The Hirer shall ensure that any activities for children comply with current child
protection regulations and that only fit and proper persons have access to
the children
The Hirer shall ensure that there is no infringement of copyright connected
with the use of the Hall during the hire.
The Hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliances
brought onto the premises be in good working order, used in a safe manner and carry a
current portable appliance test certificate
The Hirer shall do nothing which leads to damage to the premises or to
invalidate any Insurance Policies in respect of the Hall. Damage to the
premises or its contents during the period of hire shall be paid for by the Hirer
and/or any deposit retained.

Hirers are strongly advised to consider their particular situations in respect of
the need, or otherwise for Insurance cover to complement the cover
providedby HHCT. A copy of the HHCT Insurance Policy is held by the Hall
Manager and by arrangement may be inspected
The Hirer shall ensure that the premises are vacated at the hour agreed or at
any time during the period of the hire, if required in the interests of Public
The Hirer shall ensure that noise levels are at all times reasonable and do not
conflict with other Hall users.
4 Key Holders (only Regular bookings)
Regular Hirers may need to become key holders so that they can open and
close the building including turning on and off the Alarm System for which
Hirers will be given full training and support.
5 Responsibilitiesof HHCT in respect of Hires
HHCT will clearly display in each room details of what should be done
in the event of fire or other emergency
HHCT shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising in any way out of
the use of the premises, except to the extent to which such loss, damage or
injury is due to the negligence of HHCT, its servants, or agents, and the hirer
shall fully indemnify the Trust from and against all actions and claims and
demands whatsoever in respect thereof. The same conditions shall apply to
any loss due to the hiring being interrupted, postponed or cancelled because
of any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity, leakage of water, fire,
government restriction or act of God which may cause the premises to be
temporarily or permanently closed.
These conditions will be reviewed from time to time and approved by the Board ofTrustees.
Dated:July 10th 2012
Review Date:


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